Skincare Workshop

Do you have sensitive skin? Perhaps dry, itchy skin? Or how about combination skin – where some parts are oily and some parts dry?  

And have you tried a variety of skincare products that promised to deliver relief – but kinda didn’t? 

I understand and I can help.  I have been using hydrosols myself for a number of years now, and have experienced significant healing both from rosacea and frequent break-outs.  I rarely ‘wash’ my face anymore; I use hydrosols. 

Here’s your opportunity to create a customized hydrosol skincare toner – suited to your particular skin type!

Take Rose Hydrosol for example.  Not only does it smelly beautiful, truly like a rose, but its healing properties are equally powerful.  

Here’s your opportunity to create a customized hydrosol skincare toner – suited to your particular skin type!

Spaces are limited.
Where: Guelph Tool Library • 131 Ontario St., Tytler PS
When: Tuesday, December 11th, 2018
Cost: Sliding PWYC scale ($10-25)

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You will learn not one, but two new skills.  1) Crochet; 2) Blending an all-natural, plant-based skin toner.

You will create skincare products in a ‘zero waste’ fashion.

Create a custom blend of hydrosols to make a facial toner in a reusable glass bottle, and learn about how to incorporate products like these into your health and beauty routine.

Learn a basic crochet project by crafting a set of cotton washable and reusable round pads — to replace single use makeup wipes and cotton balls in your beauty routine. Each set includes enough yarn to make 5-7 cotton pads, and students can expect to finish most of these within the allotted time. Students can also purchase their crochet hook for $3, and extra yarn may be available for purchase, depending on class size. Each set comes with a mason jar to store your cotton rounds.

Bring friends and have a blast.   

Pricing for this class is offered on a sliding scale ($10-$25 per person, including all materials for both projects). All pricing tiers will receive the same product and instruction. Please pay the tier you are most financially comfortable with.


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This program is made possible by the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Pixie Glass Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendants

“Wear your aromatherapy in style”.

My handcrafted diffuser jewelry has been designed with an aromatherapeutic lifestyle in mind; it is Practical, Stylish, and Aromatherapeutic.

Benefitting from the aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils throughout your day has never been easier.

You’ll look amazing, smell wonderful and feel great.

Available exclusively Saturdays at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.

Pixie Glass Made in Alberta Nov 18

Most diverse selection around. 

An evening of SHARING

You are cordially invited to an evening of wonderful sharing.  I’ll be speaking to the impact aromatherapy has had on my life and wellbeing.  I will be one of 3 presenters on Thursday, December 13th.

This is a free event.

I will be bringing a selection of my aromatherapy diffuser jewelry for purchase and 3 of my most popular seasonal essential oil blends.

Click here to read more about each of the speakers.

Click here to see the Facebook page and reserve your spot


Crystals and Oils Dec 13

Click here to see the Facebook page and reserve your spot

Country Christmas Store

I am very happy to be joining Sidney, Jayne and the whole crew at the Country Christmas Store again this year. This will be my third year!

Click for directions to the Country Christmas Store

Here’s what I’ll be featuring.

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry: ‘Wear your aromatherapy in style’ with a piece of diffuser jewelry. LJ Turtle jewelry is simple to use, stylish, and aromatherapeutic. Choose from earrings, pendants and bracelets.  LJ Turtle diffuser jewelry helps you live an aromatherapy lifestyle – you will smell amazing and feel great. Bonus: Don’t forget to pick-up your FREE Aromatherapy Lifestyle Blend included with every piece of jewelry (see below for description).


  • Aromatherapy Lifestyle Blends: Choose from 3 of my most popular lifestyle blends. Joy supports a cheerful outlook, invigorates and uplifts our thinking and thought patterns. Winter Solstice is one of my ‘change of season blends’; use it to ‘warm’ you when it is chilly outside. And finally, use Four Thieves during the cold and flu season.  It is also a great daytime blend to help you stay focused.  These may be used with your diffuser jewelry or with a nebulizer.


  • Essential Oils: I’ll have a variety of single essential oils to choose from, for your DIY uses.

Click for directions to the Country Christmas Store


  • Smelly Dog Grooming Spray: Helps manage the smelliness of your best friend(s). This blend also doubles as a calming spray for anxious canines.  My grooming spray is an effective, easy-to-use, all-natural alternative to conventional pet-store products.  Piper was the black lab for which this spray gets its name (along with some help from an infamous Phoebe Buffay song).

Smelly Dog Woodsy


  • Let Me Be • Bug Spray: Let Me Be is a powerful blend of essential oils that have been found to be effective in ‘deterring’ the plethora of insects warm weather brings.  I call it an ‘outdoor meditation blend’ because it allows you to do just that – meditate in peace & calm, free of pests.

let me be C 2018
Let Me Be • Outdoor Meditation Spray


Click for directions to the Country Christmas Store



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