Smelly Dog Grooming Spray

Are you looking for a safe and natural cleansing and scent-neutralizing option for your smelly dog ?

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118 ml/$20 ••• 240 ml/$34

I know it can be hard as a consumer to figure out all the options out there.

Fret no longer, from my home to yours,  Smelly Dog to the rescue. You and your dog will love it!

Smelly Dog delivers on two fronts:

One:  Smelly Dog is an effective non-sudsing grooming spray; it is a natural and safe alternative to conventional pet-store products which may not fully disclose ingredients used. As a trained and certified aromatherapist, I have blended the essential oils at a safe concentration level, suitable for use with dogs (which is much lower than for use with humans).

Smelly Dog leaves your dog smelling great!

All of the ingredients in Smelly Dog are listed and are pronounceable. 

Two: Sometimes our BFF shows signs of separation anxiety or nervous tension. Smelly Dog can help; it is an effective aromatherapeutic treatment for pooches with nervous stress or tension.

Patchouli, cedarwood atlas and vetiver are calming and grounding (helps with anxiety), while rosemary helps refresh a tired mind
(yes, even for your dog).

Shop Now • Prices (includes HST)


Save money!  Ask me about refills and receive a discount.


Smelly Dog is easy to use:

Step 1: Shake your bottle of Smelly Dog before every use. This is a truly all-natural spray; which means the water-based ingredients do not readily blend with the essential oils

Step 2: If your pooch is very wet, towel-dry.  Works well on dry fur too.

Step 3: Begin spraying at the neck, and continue along the back – towards the tail.

Step 4: With your hands or with a brush, gently massage/brush Smelly Dog into your pooch’s fur.  This is an important step, as the heat of your body and your dog’s helps ‘release’ the essential oil aromatherapy scent.

That’s all folks!  We have found the aromatherapy scent lasts a day or two.

Shop Now • Prices (includes HST)

Save money!  Ask me about refills and receive a discount.

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The Story of how Smelly Dog came to be

Smelly Dog Grooming Spray is so named because of a particular black lab I loved & lived with.   With his thick undercoat, daily swimming & exercise – he could get very smelly.

While I don’t believe it bothered him, the rest of us needed something to both clean and neutralize his smelliness.  We had tried commercial products, but the synthetic fragrance was just too unbearable for me and certainly could not have been good for him.  And upon further research at the pet stores, I learned that dog grooming products are not required to provide an ingredient list (At least in Canada they are not).  This was most disconcerting because I had no idea what I was putting on my BFF.  More than an issue of synthetic fragrance was also the unknown other water-based ingredients.

Necessity and concern for the health & wellness of my BFF were my inspiration.

I relate to anyone who is looking for a cleansing and scent neutralizing option – it is hard as a consumer to figure out all the options out there.

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