Quench Serum




Plant-based beauty made simple.

Quench your thirsty skin with our all-in-one moisturizing serum, for hands, face & body.

Get Quenched!

What’s in the bottle? Well… ingredients you can pronounce!

The botanical oils (aka carrier oils) sweet almond*, apricot kernel & avocado nourish the skin, soothe itchy, inflamed skin, bring relief to overly dry skin and wrinkles; each absorbs easily into skin. Vitamin E is added for its antioxidant properties.

Geranium & petitgrain essential oils are soothing to irritated skin with their anti-inflammatory action, and have an overall sebum balancing action. Lavender essential oil is healing for all skin types, and particularly gentle & balancing for sensitive skin. Ylang ylang essential oil calms irritated skin.

For the mind: The blended aroma of geranium, petitgrain, lavender and ylang ylang is also very soothing and calming for the mind and mood.

How it works: After cleansing and applying a suitable Hydrosolapply Quench liberally to your face & neck. Allow Quench to soak into skin.

Use Quench anywhere! Hands • Face • Body

Quench your thirsty skin. Available at the Guelph Farmers’ Market Saturdays. Please pre-order one week in advance to ensure your size of Quench is in stock.

*Nut allergy alert

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