Infused Perfume Oils

Keep it simple.
Keep it natural
with LJ Turtle infused perfume oils.

Blended with 100% pure essential oils and carrier oils.  Our perfume oils are a natural & therapeutic alternative to conventional alcohol based, filler-based, synthetic fragrances.

LJ Turtle Infused Perfume Oils were developed & created by Lisa, our in-house aromatherapist.

Perfume oils are highly concentrated essential oil blends – a little goes a long way.   Available  in 1 ml, 6 ml & 12 ml sizes with roll-on applicator.  Blended in a base of jojoba & fractionated coconut oils, ensuring an indefinite shelf life to your personal scented oil.

Plant-based beauty made simple.  Live Naturally. Live Beautifully.

Cloud 9 1 up catalogue Jan 2018



Grounding • Warming to the heart Geranium • Canadian Balsam Fir • Petitgrain • Vetiver
Intoxicating • Sensual • Base & Sacral Chakras Ylang Ylang • Patchouli • Black Pepper • Vetiver
Flower of flowers
A heavenly, delicate sweet aroma • Ylang Ylang & Bergamot
French Lavender with a citrus ‘kick’
Memories of summertime
Perf Take Away label single
Earthy & Warming • Spicy & Sweet • Notes of frankincense, bergamot & ginger.

Single Notes

Rose Otto in jojoba
Jasmine essential oil in fractionated coconut oil
Sandalwood essential oil in jojoba
Frankincense (boswellia carterii) essential oil in jojoba

Pre-orders must be pre-paid • We will send you an electronic invoice once you have placed an email order.  Pre-orders are for pick-up at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.


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