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Last chance to enter to win Summer Survival Gift Pack

Friday and Saturday will be your last chances to enter to win an LJ Turtle Summer Survival Gift Pack which includes:

Let Me Be Insect Deterrent Spray
A pair of handcrafted aromatherapy diffuser earrings with Joy Diffuser Blend
Lavender Hydrosol
Smelly Dog Grooming Spray 

Draw date is the last Saturday in June.  You can enter at either the Two Rivers Market on Fridays or the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.  Good luck!

summer survival draw June 2018
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy • Guelph Ontario Canada


let me be C 2018
Let Me Be • Outdoor Meditation Spray


Smelly Dog Woodsy
Smelly Dog Grooming Spray • Woodsy Piper’s Blend


Aromatherapy Insight Card Reading

This week’s intuitive reading included two citruses and one tree essential oil.

AIC June 25 2018
Jennifer Jefferies’ Aromatherapy Insight Cards • Reading by LJ Turtle Aromatherapy 

Cedarwood: Courage; grant me the willpower, focus and persistence to keep working towards personal and business goals.

Lime: Eases Stress; remember to have fun and play 🙂

Petitgrain: Conscious Mind; I already have all the answers within; listen to that small quiet voice for guidance.

This reading was compelling; themes hung together which was helpful for me. I put together the following blend to use at times of stress, lack of focus, and when needing guidance.

Roll-on recipe blend:
1 drop Petitgrain
3 drops Cedarwood
2 drops Lime
Topped off with almond oil • 5 ml volume

Click here to learn more about Jennifer Jefferies’ Aromatherapy Insight Cards or visit me at the Guelph Farmers’ Market Saturday. 

Oh Canada! Essential Oils

Essential oils come from all over the world. Given our abundance of forest, Canada is well known for its ‘tree’ essential oils.

Black Spruce for example, is invigorating and revitalizing to the whole being and is suitable to use with respiratory issues and rheumatic pain.

Eastern White Pine can be used to reduce anxiety and stress.  Its warming properties make it suitable to use for rheumatic pain.  It is also a powerful essential oil to diffuse or inhale directly from the bottle – as it helps prevent the spread of flu and other air borne viruses.

Balsam Fir is the very recognizable ‘Christmas tree’ smell! It is a powerful essential oil to diffuse for relief with respiratory congestion.  Make a muscle rub by blending with a carrier oil for relief of muscular and joint pain.

carry Black Spruce, Eastern White Pine, Balsam Fir, and Spruce Hemlock, which are wild-crafted and distilled in Quebec.  I also carry a Chocolate Peppermint and White Sage from the same distiller (in very small quantities); and I recently started carrying a local lavender from a farmer in Moffat, Ontario.

Each of these is available for ‘sniff’ testing at my market stall at the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

LJ Turtle single essential oils are suitable for:

• Diffusing with a nebulizer
• Use with our diffuser jewelry
• Simply ‘sniff’ from the bottle
• Use with our felted designs
• At safe concentration levels, may be blended for topical use. We carry DIY roll-on kits

Happy blending!

Worth a read: Pichette et al. (2006), ‘Composition and antibacterial activity of Abies balsamea essential oil’; Phytotherapy Research, pp. 371-3.

Summer Sampler Saturday!

June 23rd, 2018 is a Summer Sampler Saturday at LJ Turtle’s table at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.

Here’s how to receive one free LJ Turtle Sampler:

1. Find our FB post about the June 23  Summer Sampler Saturday
2. Like it
3. Share it to @GuelphFarmersMarket with the following message:
Guelph Farmers’ Market is Worth the Trip
4. Share it to your FB page with the same message:
Guelph Farmers’ Market is Worth the Trip
Come by my table on the 23rd to pick-up your Summer Sampler

This week’s Summer Samplers include: 

Let Me Be • Outdoor Meditation Spray (aka insect deterrent spray) • 30 ml
Smelly Dog • Grooming Spray • 30 ml
Strawberry • Sorbet Perfume Oil • 1 ml

Quantities of each sample are limited. First-come-first-choice.

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