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The Nose Knows • April’s Edition

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The Healing Properties of Sandalwood Essential Oil & Hydrosol

The essential oil of Sandalwood comes from the heartwood of the Sandalwood tree and traditionally came out of India. Unfortunately, Indian Sandalwood is now an endangered species. I currently carry Sandalwood from Australia – from sustainable sources.

Sandalwood essential oil (SAO) has a ‘sister’ in the form of a hydrosol. Sandalwood hydrosol is the co-product of the distillation process that extracts the essential oil from the heartwood. The hydrosol is very gentle and very easy to use.


Robert Tisserand is a well known researcher in the field of aromatherapy. In his article on Sandalwood, he reviews the scientific literature on the many uses of SAO.

Some Highlights:
• Skin Healing: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Conditions – eczema, psoriasis
• Cancer patients suffering with radiodermatitis found relief using a topical blend that included Sandalwood and Turmeric
• Topical infections including yeast infections, cold sores, acne, warts.
• Skin cancer — research to date has not been on humans, and limited to in vitro and animal testing, but with encouraging results. Though not an anticancer essential oil, it has promise as a preventative measure.

“Clinical studies are ongoing, and show promise in the treatment of facial acne, common warts, psoriasis, radiodermatitis, molluscum contagiosum and eczema. Concentrations varying from 2% to 10% (up to 100% for common warts) have been used in a variety of excipients. Other skin conditions that may be amenable to SAO therapy include cold sores, sensitive skin, rosacea, genital warts, skin cancers, and fungal infections such as onychomycosis, diaper rash and athlete’s foot.’ (retrieved March 21, 2019). Read Tisserand’s article here. 

Sandalwood Hydrosol also has many uses, as described by Suzann Caddy in her wonderful book, Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy (2001). She states: ‘Topically it is exceptional in skin care” (p. 131), including:

• Acne
• Dry, sensitive skin
• Eczema
• Oily Skin
• Psoriasis
• Wrinkles, mature skin
• Aftershave

Caddy recommends blending Sandalwood Hydrosol with other hydrosols for a synergistic blend, customized to your particular skin type. From a spiritual perspective, use Sandalwood Hydrosol before your yoga and meditation practices.

Sandalwood Hydrosol is available from me at the Guelph Farmers’ Market, as is the essential oil and roll-on. For the month of April, Save 25% on any Sandalwood products.


Last chance to save on hydrosols and Quench serum

This month, we featured our beautiful hydrosols, Quench Serum and DeFrizz My Frizz Serum.

This Saturday is your last chance to save 25% with the purchase of any 2 products.

Find me at the Guelph Farmer’s Market • 7 a.m. – noon.

Quench Serum • Quench your thirst skin!


Lavender Hydrosol – Lovely toner for all skin types.


DeFrizz My Frizz Serum


Here at LJ Turtle Aromatherapy, we also specialize in hydrosols.  Currently we carry over 15 hydrosols and counting.

How to use a hydrosol:

• Gentle, plant-based skin toner

• Gently aromatic personal spray

• Chakra & subtle energy support

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