May Aromatherapy Workshop


An aromatic hydrosol is a gentle yet potent, plant-derived wellness tool, soothing to the skin, uplifting to the mind and spirit.

A powerful yet gentle tool of aromatherapy

This session reviews the distillation process that produces both the highly concentrated essential oil and, simultaneously, the gentle & therapeutic hydrosol.

We will discuss Rose, Lavender and Lemongrass hydrosols. These hydrosols will be on-hand for ‘sniff’ testing. Participants will receive their choice of one hydrosol.

Hydrosols May 2018
Aromatherapy Education in Guelph, Ontario • LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

Investment: $15 + HST  & receive a hydrosol as a gift!

Email to book: ljturtlearomatherapy at

Class limited to 10 participants.

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