Fresh•On Deodorant

Introducing our latest Turtle Original product.

$12 … 60 ml ••• $18 … 118 ml

Fresh•On: Our all-natural spray deodorant contains the same components of natural potassium alum as the deodorant stone.

Our deodorant neutralizes the bacteria that causes odour.

• 24 Hour Protection
• Aluminum Free
• Non-Staining
• Hypoallergenic
• Gentle on skin
• Safe to Use Daily
• No Chemical Propellants

This deodorant is unscented. You have the flexibility to customize an essential oil scent of your choosing.  Here’s how: Add your choice of essential oils. Use a reliable reference source to determine the safety of your chosen essential oils. Add 6 drops to 60 ml and 12 drops to 118 ml.   Shake well before each use.

Directions: Pump 2- 6 sprays under each clean & dry arm, on feet or in shoes. Can be used as a body or room deodorizer.

Ingredients: Purified water, potassium alum (natural mineral salt), sodium bicarbonate, benzoic acid (natural preservative), zinc gluconate (natural preservative).

Re-Fill & Re-use: When the time comes, return you cobalt glass bottle to me at the market and I’m happy to re-fill it. Bonus: A 10% discount on your re-fill.

We plan to  develop scented Fresh•On Deodorant options.  Please stay tuned for this new venture. It will take a bit of research and development.

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