Cozy Comfort

If you love the delicious smells of baking using cinnamon & nutmeg spices, this is the blend for you!

Diffuse my Cozy Comfort blend and recreate the mood.  Click to shop.

Try Cozy Comfort out with my two other blends on special this January and February – Grace and HeartChakra. Save 25% on the 3-pack! 

Read about our full collection of LJ Turtle Lifestyle Blends here.

Joy • Recovery Blend

For those who enjoy citrus notes, this blend is for you.  JOY has been blended with  5 citrus oils along with ylang ylang, Canadian Balsam Fir, lavender, lemongrass & coriander to calm & balance the nervous system.  Must be ‘sniffed’ to be fully appreciated!

JOY supports a joyful outlook, invigorates & uplifts our thinking and thought patterns.

Click here for my collection of Recovery Blends.

Two ways to shop:
1. Guelph Farmers’ Market
Saturdays • 7 am – noon

2. Click here to shop 24/7.

Joy monograph Nov 2017
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy • Guelph Ontario Canada


Read about my JOY Recovery Blend in August’s edition of The Nose Knows.


Good Vibrations Diffuser Blend

LJ Turtle Good Vibrations Diffuser blend was originally blended for a Reiki wellness practitioner to use in between clients.  She felt the space needed ‘cleansing’ as one client was leaving and another was arriving.

Good Vibrations also reflects my Ojibwa heritage – I intentionally used Canadian Black Spruce and Sage to do the heavy cleansing work.

Good Vibrations Catalogue MOnograph July 2018


Click here for my collection of Turtle Recovery Blends.

Available Saturdays at the Guelph Farmers’ Market

Last chance to enter to win Summer Survival Gift Pack

Friday and Saturday will be your last chances to enter to win an LJ Turtle Summer Survival Gift Pack which includes:

Let Me Be Insect Deterrent Spray
A pair of handcrafted aromatherapy diffuser earrings with Joy Diffuser Blend
Lavender Hydrosol
Smelly Dog Grooming Spray 

Draw date is the last Saturday in June.  You can enter at either the Two Rivers Market on Fridays or the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.  Good luck!

summer survival draw June 2018
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy • Guelph Ontario Canada


let me be C 2018
Let Me Be • Outdoor Meditation Spray


Smelly Dog Woodsy
Smelly Dog Grooming Spray • Woodsy Piper’s Blend


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