February’s Issue of The Nose Knows

Welcome to February!

HelloWelcome to the Februaryedi,on of The Nose Knows.

In our February issue, we introduce you to three different LJ Turtle Lifestyle Blends: Cozy ComfortHeart•Chakra; and One Day at a TimeEach was blended with a particular wellness purpose. Come by the Guelph Farmer’s Market Saturdays for a ‘sniff test’. 

Bonus: Purchase the set and save 25%! Extra Bonus: Receive a free Terra Cotta Car Diffuser ($20 value) with the purchase of the set.

Also in this issue, read part two of my article on Passive and Active Diffusing and how to do each of these safely and effectively.

My Aroma-Workshop this month is ‘Aromatherapy Blending for Sleep, Headaches, and Sore Muscles’. We will focus on blends that can help those who struggle with headaches, muscle pain and/or quality sleep.

One of February’s birthstones is Amethyst. We have been hard at work creating unique aromatherapy jewelry featuring this particular birthstone.

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Become a blending superstar


To register for this workshop, please call: 519-836-7280

Or register by walk-in: Go to 1428 Gordon St., Guelph, ON.

Confused by all the information out there about essential oils? Do you wonder if you are using them both effectively & safely?

Ever wonder if you are adding the correct number of drops to your roll-on blend?

Do you become overhwelmed when reading labels – trying to figure out ‘what’s in the bottle?’

You want to use essential oils at home, both for yourself and your loved ones, but are not sure how to do this safely?

understand and I can help.  

My workshops take you step-by-step through the wonderful world of aromatherapy starting with understanding how to read a label.  We discuss the various safety issues around using these potent oils and what are recommended best practices for different age groups and health conditions.

For the Love of Lavender! Aromatherapy Workshop

Lavender is a distinctive and recognizable plant and its scent profile as an essential oil is also widely appreciated and recognized. But did you know that lavender grows in different countries?  As a plant, lavender relies on nature for its growth & survival. Lavender grown, harvested and distilled in France will have a very different scent-profile than one from Ontario, for example. 

Here’s how to register:

Go to the Continuing Education with the Upper Grand District School Board and register.
Click here to register and use course code PR-4324

For The Love Of Lavender September 2018

In this 2-hour workshop we will ‘sniff test’ four different lavender essential oils (countries of origin include France, South Africa, and Ontario) and discuss the safety use profile of lavender essential oil in general. You will also be introduced to a gentle yet powerful aromatherapy tool – the hydrosol.  You will receive hands-on blending training and create a customized blend safe for topical use.

Here’s what is in your workshop kit:
• 1 bottle of lavender essential oil
• 1 bottle of lavender hydrosol
• 1 DIY kit to make a custom roll-on
• Profile & safety literature

You take all of the above home with you along with a custom-made lavender roll-on!

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Upcoming Workshops

***Click to read course description for Cold & Flu Workshop

***Click to read course description for Herbal Trio Workshop

September’s Issue of The Nose Knows Newsletter

We are happy to announce the release of September’s The Nose Knows LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Newsletter.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:
• September marks 4 years for LJ Turtle Aromatherapy at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.  Read my story and help me celebrate!
• Read about the four Signature Blends that I started out with
• Sign-up for the first of three workshops (September 17th) on offer this Fall • ‘For the Love of Lavender!’
• Read about one of my Signature Blends • DeFrizz My Frizz
• And finally, you can shop LJ Turtle 24/7, conveniently from home 🙂

Click to download a copy of The Nose Knows September 2018 Newsletter  or read below.





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