Aromatherapy Class: Hydrosols


An aromatic hydrosol is a gentle yet potent, plant-derived wellness tool, soothing to the skin, uplifting to the mind and spirit.

Hydrosols are an invaluable tool of aromatherapy. 

Hydrosols May 2018
Aromatherapy Education in Guelph, Ontario • LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

A powerful yet gentle tool of aromatherapy

This session reviews the distillation process that produces both the highly concentrated essential oil and, simultaneously, the gentle & therapeutic hydrosol.

We will discuss the various therapeutic uses for Rose, Lavender and Lemongrass hydrosols including their uses in skin care, mental health and chakra work.

These hydrosols will be on-hand for ‘sniff’ testing. Participants will receive their choice of one hydrosol.

Investment: $15 + HST  & receive a hydrosol as a gift!

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Class limited to 10 participants.

For the Love of Lavender Workshop

For the love of Lavender!

Lavender is a distinctive and recognizable plant and its scent profile as an essential oil is also widely appreciated and recognized. But did you know that lavender grows in different countries? As a plant, lavender relies on nature for its growth & survival. Lavender grown, harvested and distilled in France will have a very different scent-profile than one from Ontario, for example.

In this 2-hour workshop we will ‘sniff test’ four different lavender essential oils (countries of origin include France, South Africa, and Ontario) and discuss the safety use profile of lavender essential oil in general. You will also be introduced to a gentle yet powerful aromatherapy tool – the hydrosol. You will receive hands-on blending training and create a customized blend safe for topical use.

Workshop Kit includes: a 5 ml bottle of your choice of one lavender essential oil; a glass roll-on bottle for creating a diluted blend safe for topical use; a 30 ml carrier oil that is used with the glass roll-on; a bottle of lavender hydrosol; and safety literature and profile for lavender essential oil and hydrosol.

Workshop Kit: $39

Level: General Interest

Date: Continuing Education course TBA

Alternatively, plan with a group of 3 friends to attend your private workshop.

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