Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelets

It has never been easier to experience the therapeutic effects of essential oils. My handcrafted diffuser jewerly has been designed with an aromatherapeutic lifestyle in mind.  It is Practical, Stylish, and Aromatherapeutic.

hematite heart rose quartz 2018




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kyanite moonstone

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citrine jade double 2018
Citrine • White Jade • Clear Quartz • Black Onyx • Snowflake Obsidian • Dragon Vein Quartz • Lava • Stainless Steel Beads


green howlite 2018
Green Howlite & Lava Stone
turquoise blue howlite 2018
Light Blue Howlite & Lava Stone

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dark blue howlite
Dark Blue Howlite & Lava Stone

How to use: Gently add 1 drop of an LJ Turtle essential oil diffuser blend to one lava rock bead. Allow bead to absorb the essential oil blend. Wipe off any excess. Avoid getting essential oil blend on skin or clothes. Re-apply as needed.

‘Wear Your Aromatherapy in Style’

Each bracelet includes an Aromatherapy Lifestyle Blend.

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Each bracelet is handcrafted and designed using semi-precious stones with lava rocks on stainless steel memory wire.  I choose memory wire for its flexibility, beauty, and durability.

Lava Rocks are porous and have the ability to ‘hold’ essential oils.  The therapeutic benefits of your chosen blend gently diffuses throughout the day.

I include an information card highlighting energetic properties of the stones.


Please Read: I do not recommend using essential oils that have been blended and diluted in a carrier oil with diffuser jewelry.  A carrier oil will make your bracelet sticky and possibly un-useable.

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