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My name is Lisa Byers and I am the aromatherapist behind LJ Turtle Aromatherapy.

I first started working with essential oils for my own personal health & wellness over 4 years ago. It didn’t take long for me to realize how incredible was the healing power inherent in the informed and knowledgable use of essential oils. This of course led me to seek advanced knowledge in this field, so I pursued professional training & accreditation through the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists; my official designation is ‘Certified Aromatologist Professional’. Since then I have dedicated myself to disseminating and sharing knowledge on the safe & efficacious use of essential oils.

LJ Turtle Original Blends: My aromatherapeutic handcrafted wellness blends are carefully researched, developed and tested. I use only 100% pure, plant-based ingredients.  My collection includes:

• Undiluted blends suitable for use with a nebulizer and/or diffuser jewelry;
• Infused perfume oils;
• Pet care blends; and
• Personal care blends.

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Aroma•Education Workshops: In order to encourage folks to use essential oils safely, I offer ‘Build-a-Blend’ workshops with the intention to help boost one’s confidence in the safe use of essential oils (whether blending for oneself and/or one’s family).

Aroma•Tools: My aromatherapy passion has led me to expand my other artistic talents.  I recently started making aromatherapy diffuser jewelry, using semi-precious stones & lava rocks, which ‘hold’ an essential oil blend. I have found that ‘wearing your aromatherapy’ is an elegant & safe way to incorporate aromatherapy into your daily routine.  I also carefully procure locally handcrafted jewelry pieces that do double duty as aromatherapy diffusers.   Another new craft I have recently learned is the art of felting.  I create felted designs that are fun, colourful and also ‘hold’ an essential oil blend. I have found a felted heart design for example, is a great way to for kids to experience the benefits of aromatherapy.

Shop Local • Support Local:  In an effort to reduce my ecological footprint, I go to great lengths to shop for my basic ingredients & supplies locally whenever possible.  I encourage you to do the same.  When you shop where you work, live & play, you keep your money where you, your heart, and your home live.



Essential Oil Plant Therapies
Lisa J Byers • CAP
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Please pay me a visit at the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.  On occasion, you’ll also find me, out & about at health & wellness events. Check out my website for upcoming events and please, do follow me on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for updates on ongoing courses, research, articles and offers.

Thank you and blend safely:)

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