All-Natural Hand Sanitizers

It’s that time of year … germs abound … hiding everywhere. What’s a person to do?

Aside from the recommended frequent hand washing and ‘sneeze or cough in your sleeve’ protocol recommended by health care professionals, you can use essential oils as an all-natural hand sanitizer.

Four Thieves and Germs Be Gone are both blended with essential oils that are antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antiviral.

The difference is the essential oils in Four Thieves are very potent – and are recommended for healthy adults.

Germs Be Gone was blended with children in mind; and can be used as a yoga mat disinfectant.

Each is blended in a base of witch hazel distillate and must be shaken well before each use.

$9 … 30 ml ••• $20 … 120 ml

Pick yours up this Saturday at the Guelph Farmers’ Market. As an added bonus, pick-up both and receive a travel size of each free.

This is a $58 value on special for $40.

$9… 30 ml ••• $20 … 120 ml
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