Car Diffusers

Stainless steel car diffusers! Great for those long summer road trips, might as well take your aromatherapy with you.

As a bonus, you receive an LJ Turtle Lifestyle blend with each car diffuser.

SOLD • Birds on a branch

How it works: The front design (butterfly) is on a hinge and opens so you can remove the coloured felt pad, fuchsia in this case, add 1 drop of your favourite LJ Turtle blend, put the felt back, close and voila!

Gently push black clips into car vent – air will enter through the air vent holes (seen below) releasing the aroma through the front.

Air vents and vent clip
SOLD • Heart
SOLD • Horse
Skull with heart eyes

I have one of each design and they are $30 each (including HST).

Please email to reserve yours for pick-up at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.

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