February’s Issue of The Nose Knows

Welcome to February!

HelloWelcome to the Februaryedi,on of The Nose Knows.

In our February issue, we introduce you to three different LJ Turtle Lifestyle Blends: Cozy ComfortHeart•Chakra; and One Day at a TimeEach was blended with a particular wellness purpose. Come by the Guelph Farmer’s Market Saturdays for a ‘sniff test’. 

Bonus: Purchase the set and save 25%! Extra Bonus: Receive a free Terra Cotta Car Diffuser ($20 value) with the purchase of the set.

Also in this issue, read part two of my article on Passive and Active Diffusing and how to do each of these safely and effectively.

My Aroma-Workshop this month is ‘Aromatherapy Blending for Sleep, Headaches, and Sore Muscles’. We will focus on blends that can help those who struggle with headaches, muscle pain and/or quality sleep.

One of February’s birthstones is Amethyst. We have been hard at work creating unique aromatherapy jewelry featuring this particular birthstone.

Click to download the pdf version of this month’s Newsletter.

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