Table-top Aromatherapy Diffusers

Diffusers are an efficient way to benefit from the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  ‘Diffuser’ is a generic term for any device that allows essential oils to be released into the air.   

I carry a range of Hubmar diffusers including: a nebulizer; a cold-fusion diffuser; a wall-ball and a car diffuser. 

When using a nebulizer, I highly recommend choosing one that has a timer.   If you are diffusing to freshen the room’s air and you want to smell something nice – know that we become ‘nose blind’ after awhile (roughly 20 minutes later).  You may notice that you no longer smell your lovely essential oils – and you may even add more essential oils to your nebulizer as a solution.  But what has happened is your nose’s ability to detect the aroma simply has diminished. 

I recommend using the nebulizer’s timer – and set it to go off at least hourly. And when you miss the aroma, you can turn the nebulizer back on for another hour (or less). 

If you are nebulizing to purify the air from airborne contagious elements – it is also unnecessary to diffuse non-stop.  I use the same method as above – I turn on my nebulizer with my Four Thieves blend and set the timer for 1 hour.  I repeat this process a number of times throughout the day. 

Be conscientious of shared space, especially with babies and small children. They do not have the ability to get out of the space if they become overwhelmed with the aroma.  And the same theory applies to cats and dogs – they need an escape route should the aroma become too much for them. 

I carry Hubmar diffusers because they are a Canadian company, I trust their expertise and technology.  I have been using Hubmar diffusers since the beginning of my aromatherapy journey over five years ago. 

Check out the display models at the Guelph Farmers’ Market this Saturday. I  am happy to give you the tour. 

Four Thieves is a great air purifying essential oil blend to use
during the cold and flu season. 
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