Pink & White Shell with Lava Stones

Your jewelry never looked and smelled so good! 

pink & white shell 2018
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Does this sound familiar: Monday morning,  you’re rushing out the door to get to a work appointment, and just plain forgot to grab your go-to-favorite essential oil blend. You know, the one that calms you when hiccups  hiccup during the day?  Argh! But no time. Must-get-out-the-door.  And there sits your blend at home, on your night stand.  Not being very helpful (even though it really wants to be). 

I’m a trained aromatherapist and this used to happen to me regularly.  Until I started making and using my aromatherapy diffuser jewelry. 

If you’re anything like me, you have been wanting for a while to ‘figure out’ how to use essential oils.  I also know there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there – giving you advice on all kinds of ways to do this.  This can be overwhelming. I get it.  I’ve been there. 

And I know it can be challenging to simply remember to use your oil blends regularly (which means frequently and regularly throughout the day).

My Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry is the answer to the question: ‘How can I use essential oils?’.  The LJ Turtle answer: Add 1 drop to 1 lava bead and go.

And the answer to ‘How do I remember to use my essential oils throughout the day?’ is also incredibly easy – because you’re wearing it! How awesome is that?

Take this piece for example. Isn’t it a beaut’!  This aromatherapy diffuser bracelet is made with pink and white shell and lava stones using stainless steel memory wire.

pink & white shell 2018
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The lava stones ‘hold’ your aromatherapy and gently diffuse as you make your way through your day.

The stainless steel memory wire is not only strong and beautiful, it also ensures your piece will last (unlike some of those elasticky-types). 

Welcome to my world, where everyday, all day,  you can live an aromatherapy lifestyle

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Aromatherapy made easy.  

pink & white shell 2018
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