Celebrating 4 years at the Guelph Farmers’ Market

September marks LJ Turtle Aromatherapy’s 4th year at the Guelph Farmers’ Market!  Thank you so much to all of you great supporters! 

To celebrate and as a thank you, I am offering my Original Signature Blends as Limited Edition Sets at generous discounts. LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Signature Blends were originally created for my own personal use and were the first blends I sold at the market.

These include:

These are some of my best ‘tried-and-tested’ aromatherapy blends.  I want you to have the chance to try them as well (if you haven’t already. 

I am offering Limited Edition Sets, at deep discounts, and, include one of each of my four Signature Blends.

full size signature blends
Full Size Set • Special: $49 • Retail Value: $88.50


trial and travel size signature blends
Trial & Travel Set • Special: $19 • Retail Value: $36


One proviso to enjoying these deep discounts on the Limited Edition Sets–you must pre-order by emailing me at ljturtlearomatherapy@gmail.com or filling in the form below. Pre-orders made by Wednesday will be available that Saturday for pick-up at the market.


And as an extra-special bonus, anytime you spend $100 at my table at the Guelph Farmers’ Market, you will receive a Limited Edition Trial & Travel Set for FREE. This offer will run until the end of 2018 and is available exclusively at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.  I gave away 2 of these this past Saturday.  See you Saturday!!


My Story:started using essential oils in my 20s. Then life distracted me and I veered away from their regular use, though I always had one essential oil or another on-hand. More recent tumultuous life events reminded me of how essential oils had helped me and began using them therapeutically again. I wondered then whether I could increase my knowledge of health effects of essential oils and professionally disseminate the power of these oils to others. Hence the birth of my vocation!

I started studying with the Joy Essence School of Aromatherapy Inc.in January of 2014. It took just over two years to complete my certification with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists, and I became a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional in 2016; and 2018 marked my debut as a teacher of Aroma•Education Workshops. The costs of opening a storefront were, and still are prohibitive. A dear friend suggested I try the Farmers’ Market.  And here we are, four years later.  Here’s to many more great aromatherapy-filled years!


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