Joy • Recovery Blend

For those who enjoy citrus notes, this blend is for you.  JOY has been blended with  5 citrus oils along with ylang ylang, Canadian Balsam Fir, lavender, lemongrass & coriander to calm & balance the nervous system.  Must be ‘sniffed’ to be fully appreciated!

JOY supports a joyful outlook, invigorates & uplifts our thinking and thought patterns.

Click here for my collection of Recovery Blends.

Two ways to shop:
1. Guelph Farmers’ Market
Saturdays • 7 am – noon

2. Click here to shop 24/7.

Joy monograph Nov 2017
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy • Guelph Ontario Canada


Read about my JOY Recovery Blend in August’s edition of The Nose Knows.


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