Smelly Dog Grooming Spray

Smelly Dog Grooming Spray in Woodsy is the original aromatherapeutic blend; and its namesake, Piper (see below), my dear black lab companion was its inspiration, for indeed, he would get quite smelly.  He swam almost everyday in local lakes and rivers. His undercoat would ‘hold’ water resulting in that special ‘dog smell’.

Smelly Dog Piper
Smelly Dog Grooming Spray

When I shopped at a local pet store for a grooming spray, I found out a number of disturbing things. First, at the time, most were made with synthetic fragrances.  Disturbing because of how sensitive a dog’s nose is – it did not make sense to me to use potentially toxic synthetic fragrances on my dear companion.  Second, I learned that the makers of these types of products are not required to include an ingredient list. What!!?  The sales clerk was quite indignant with my questions to boot!

The very handsome Piper.

Necessity is the mother of invention’— my non-sudsing grooming spray is a natural & safe alternative to soapsuds bathing & conventional pet-store products. Smelly Dog is gentle on you & your pet, biodegradable, and free of fillers and synthetic ingredients. I handcraft in small batches to ensure quality & freshness; I blend the essential oils at a safe concentration level for your pup’s nose.

Smelly Dog Woodsy helps calm an anxious fur-baby.

It also helps condition the fur and skin, and acts as a flea & insect deterrent.

As a bonus, if your dog has the tendency to make your bed its own, simply use Smelly Dog as a linen freshener – it works wonders! Smelly dog no more!

Coming soon… Smelly Dog Shampoo

Pick yours up from me at the

Guelph Farmers’ Market – Saturdays!

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