Going to Hillside this weekend?

I love spending time outdoors.  However, as you all know, it can be challenging to do so peacefully.  Over four years ago, I developed an insect deterrent spray.  I combed every reference book I had at my disposal and learned about the biological processes that plants develop to discourage predators from eating them.


Essential oils harness a plant’s insect deterring properties.  It is also why you may see a  ‘bug spray’ on the market with different essential oil ingredients. Many essential oils have bug deterring properties.

Let Me Be–Outdoor Meditation Blend is a synergistic blend of ten (10) carefully researched essential oils with bug deterring properties and four water-based ingredients that are also known deterrents and help the essential oil blend ‘stick’ to your skin.

Let Me Be–Outdoor Meditation Blend is my solution to enjoying the outdoors in peace & relief from mosquitoes, black flies, wood ticks, ants, & moths — Deet-free, 100% plant-based ingredients, and a natural and safe alternative to conventional bug sprays. I cheekily refer to my Let Me Be blend as an ‘outdoor meditation spray’. Maintain your zen-ness while enjoying your back yard!

Let Me Be Spray is a proprietary, essential oil blend in a water base. It is naturally preserved, with no synthetic emulsifiers. Let Me Be is also available as an undiluted blend, suitable for diffusing and DIY blending. 

5 seasons Let me be 1 up May 2018Thank you Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists for my robust aromatherapy training!


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