Black Onyx & Clear Quartz Diffuser Bracelet

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Practical • Stylish • Aromatherapeutic

A simple and attractive way to carry your aromatherapy with you during the day – wear an aromatherapy diffuser bracelet.  Designed and handcrafted by yours truly 🙂

White Howlite (Matte) | State of Grace Enlightenment | Cleansing of Spirit Chakra: Above Crown

Clear Quartz | Encourages clarity on all levels | Memory Enhancement | Healing | Cleansing |Supports alignment & harmonization of all chakras

Black Onyx | Inner Strength | Focused Attention Enhances one’s endurance and persistence | Increases one’s ability to maintain focus |Chakras: Root | Solar Plexus | Third Eye

Striped Black Agate (Matte) | Stabilizing | Strengthening | Considered a receiving stone and is used for calming, soothing, inward meditation and reflection

Lava Rock | Encourages Flow of Creativity | Provides Stability in Times of Change |Chakra: Solar Plexus

Stainless Steel Memory Wire and Beads

black and white June 2018
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy • Diffuser Bracelet • Wear Your Aromatherapy in Style

Gently add 1 drop of your LJ Turtle essential oil diffuser blend (gift with each piece of jewelry) to a lava rock bead.

Allow the essential oil blend to dry. Blot and wipe off any excess. Avoid getting essential oil blend on skin or clothes. Re-Apply as needed.

It is not recommended to wear your bracelet when playing sports, sleeping, swimming or showering.

Caution: Your bracelet is NOT meant to be used with a diluted essential oil blend; the carrier oil will ‘gunk up’ the lava bead.


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