Aromatherapy Insight Reading

I’m enjoying working with Jennifer Jefferies’ Aromatherapy Insight Cards.  I took her ‘crash-course’ introductory class at this year’s conference of the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists.

My learning curve is still quite steep, but I am having fun and gaining great insights.

AIC June 19 2018
Jennifer Jefferies’ Aromatherapy Insight Cards • Reading by LJ Turtle Aromatherapy 

This reading was bang-on for where I am in the moment and to be honest, a bit brutal 🙂

German Chamomile: ‘Letting go’ • For me, especially letting go of the past and the things I cannot change.

Eucalyptus Radiata: ‘Integration’ • For me, releasing fears and negative beliefs so I can move into my calling – that is, integrate all the wonderful experiences and teachings I have had the privilege to receive – and put these to masterful use.

Cinnamon Leaf: ‘Coldness and Introversion’ • Isolating is my go-to strategy when life gets overwhelming and ‘too tough’ for me to handle. I shall work towards practices of self-care rather than introversion and isolation.

I blended 2 drops of each essential oil in my 5 ml roller-ball and topped it off with some apricot carrier oil.  A wonderful and interesting synergy of aroma!

If you would like to see these beautiful cards in-person, I’ll have them with me this Saturday at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.

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