Aromatherapy Insight Cards Reading

So grateful for the training I received from Jennifer Jefferies on the use of her Aromatherapy Insight Cards at the CFA – Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists conference earlier this month.

AIC June 11 2018
Aromatherapy Insight Cards • LJ Turtle Aromatherapy

My aromatherapy insight card reading today:
Marjoram – Anxiety
Ylang Ylang – Peace; ‘remedy’ for the above
Patchouli – Unity; ‘awakens my sense of peace’ 

On Saturday, I worked with marjoram.  As I was getting ready, at 5 a.m., to go to the Guelph Farmers’ Market, I felt a bit unsettled.  I remembered that marjoram could help support anxious feelings and thoughts, so I put a couple of drops in my roller-ball and off I went.

It was very helpful; I have come to really appreciate the scent of marjoram essential oil.

Then this morning, marjoram came up in my 3-card reading.  Very interesting. Taken together with ylang ylang and patchouli, I have a very lovely & emotionally supportive roller-ball blend today.

Happy blending!


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