DIY: Simple Scrubs

There are a number of products you can make at home using basic ingredients.  When you make your own Sugar or Salt Scrub for example, you ensure freshness and quality.  An added benefit, of course, is affordability.

Photo Credit: LJ Byers

Sugar Scrubs are suitable for use on the face & body; whereas Salt Scrubs are best suited for the body.  Use fine grained ingredients on your delicate skin.

I particularly like using my sugar scrub on my lips.  While I am diligent in keeping them moisturized with my Frank & Myrrh Lip•Saver, I find exfoliating once a week does wonders.


Organic white sugar: I started with regular white sugar, but find that organic sugar, though a little more expensive, makes a better consistency scrub for me.  And the important benefit of knowing your sugar is pesticide-free.  Do not use brown sugar.  It tends to cream with the oil and is not so scrubby.

Sea Salt (do not used iodized table salt).  As is the case with the organic white sugar, use fine grain sea salt; save the coarse sea salt for a bath salts blend.

Oil:  You may use choose to use something you have on hand. Olive oil, sunflower, safflower are good DIY options.  I recommend ‘sniffing’ your chosen oil before blending; if it has a scent you do not appreciate, then choose another oil.  You may want to experiment with sesame seed, walnut, hazelnut or sweet almond oils.  Whenever possible use cold-pressed oil – which should appear on the label.

Essential oils:  You may already have essential oils on hand such as lavender or tea tree.  I suggest 1-2 drops total of essential oils for this batch size.

Here’s what to do: 

1 cup/240 grams of sugar and/or salt (total)
1 tablespoon of oil
1-2 drops of a suitable essential oil

Start with a clean, small pot/container to blend in.  You probably have something on-hand; simply clean & re-use a skincare container that has a wide-mouth.  I use the end of a teaspoon to blend.

I add half of all the ingredients to the pot/container and stir well.  You want your scrub to be grainy like almost dry sand; not liquidy or goopy.

Then add the second half of all the ingredients and gently stir again.

Date and label your container. Write down the ingredients either on the label or in a notebook for future reference. 

When applying on your skin, you will likely need a bit of water to get the scrub started. Be careful in the shower; the bit of oil in your scrub could cause the tub to get slippery.


Photo Credit: L. Byers


I would love to hear how your DIY Simple Scrub project turns out.  Please let me know.

I have over 50 essential oils to choose from – available at the Guelph Farmers’ Market, Saturdays, 7 am – noon.  I also carry a wide range of oils and salts; but for these, email to order as I do not generally have them stocked on a Saturday • ljturtlearomatherapy at

Happy & safe blending!  ~ Lisa

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