Essential Oils in Colour • Rosemary Caddy • Book Reviews


In her book, Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Colour, Rosemary Caddy has skillfully colour-coded chemical families, which helps the aromatherapist build their blending skills. This book was also on my reading list when studying for certification with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy.

For the advanced user of essential oils, the Caddy Classic Profiles allows you to visually connect particular chemical families with their presence in an essential oil. This is key safety information for the aromatherapist considering using essential oils high in ketones or phenols. The visual pie graph allows the user to see the breakdown of an oil’s therapeutic properties as stimulating, balancing and/or relaxing. This helps the aromatherapist make an informed decision regarding which essential oils to include in a blend.

And for those looking for some blending assistance, try Aromatherapy: The Essential Blending Guide, and take the guess-work out of which oils to choose for a particular ailment.

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Thanks so much & safe blending.

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