Classic DewDrop Design • Khaki

Diffuser jewelry is a simple way to incorporate aromatherapy into the rhythm of your everyday.

‘Wear your Aromatherapy’ in style with one of our latest DewDrops designs.  Our DewDrop Aromatherapy Glass Pendants are hand-blown by a local glass artist.

This glass piece is one-of-a-kind.  This design is considered ‘classic’ because it is both in the shape of a ‘dewdrop’ and also has tiny ‘dewdrops’ embedded in the glass.

Like all of our DewDrops, this one has an opening at the bottom where an essential oil blend can be gently dispensed. You receive a special pipette to ‘load’ your DewDrop with one of our Turtle essential oil blends.

As the heat of your body gently warms the glass, so too does the essential oil blend gently diffuse.

This DewDrop also comes with a stainless steel chain – just to show it off a little bit more 🙂

Beautiful & Functional 

Classic DewDrop • Khaki • Made in Guelph

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