The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness: Review by LJ Byers

Nerys Purchon Lora Cantele

With the continued popularity of essential oils, we have seen an influx of books published on aromatherapy and essential oils. ‘The Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Handbook for Everyday Wellness’, by Nerys Purchon & Lora Cantle was published in 2014 and is just one such publication.

Highlights: The publishers highlight on the front cover two important qualities of this book; it covers 109 essential oils and includes more than 450 remedies and suggested uses. For the home aromatherapist, these recipes help take the guess-work out of blending for a specific condition. For anyone working with and/or studying essential oils, 109 profiles are incredibly useful.

Pet Peeves: • There are no pictures. I missed seeing the plant and its parts. The flip-side of no pictures, I imagine the cost of publication is kept in check.
Part 1: The Oils does not have a table of contents that guides the reader to the specific page a particular essential oil appears on. I also like to skim a list of essential oils for those I am less familiar with. In this case I have to flip through the 100+ pages scanning for the new.
• This is also a ‘peeve’ for the hydrolats and carrier oils.

What makes this book worth adding to your library:
Part 2: Remedies does have a lovely table of contents guiding the reader to the recipe for a particular condition. This increases the book’s ease of use tremendously, especially for the beginner.
• The chapter entitled ‘Cautions When Using Essential Oils‘ helps clarify what many people I speak with are mystified about — the safe usage of these very potent plant essences.
• Ingestion of essential oils is a hot and contentious topic. The MLM companies recommend adding drops of lemon or peppermint to a beverage. Those with professional training and accreditation do not. Purchon & Cantle fall in between. For example, on p. 75, they provide specific instructions on how to blend lemon essential oil in a capsule with olive oil to treat digestive complaints.
• If you are a sales representative for an MLM, this book will help you help your customers use essential oils safely.

Why you should take a pass: If you already have something similar in your library. It may be too advanced for the beginning novice. If you are someone who sees too much information all at once as overwhelming, this particular book may not be for you. But please check out my review of Kathi Keville’s ‘The Little Book of Aromatherapy’.

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Thanks again & happy blending!

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