Let Me Be • Undiluted

$20 … 6 ml ••• $50 … 18 ml (pre-order this size)

Let Me Be is our proprietary blend of essential oils & other plant 🌱 based ingredients .  This little bottle holds the same blend of essential oils as our Let Me Be spray.  As an undiluted blend you’ll have to blend yourself. Not to worry.  We include an instruction sheet & a spray bottle to do your blending in.

Our undiluted version of Let Me Be is ideal for those needing a stronger, more concentrated spray. Also for those blending for kids or canines when you need a less concentrated blend. A DIY solution to your bug•biting nuisance problems.

And if you have a nebulizer simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  Or if you wear diffuser jewelry, gently add 1 drop to one diffuser bead.  Either way, you’re good to go!

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