Wear your aromatherapy in style…

‘Wear your Aromatherapy’ in style.  Choose from our latest selection of DewDrop Aromatherapy Glass Pendants.  Hand-blown by a local glass artist.

Each glass piece is one-of-a-kind.  Each has an opening where the essential oil blend is gently dispensed.

As a bonus, you will receive a Turtle Original Blend (selection varies week to week), a pipette for dispensing your essential oil blend and a chain on which to hang your new piece of art.

Beautiful & Functional

HeartRibbon S20315
SOLD • DewDrop ‘Heart•Ribbons’  •  $78 (includes HST)
DewDrop ‘Star-Gazer’  •  $68 (includes HST)
DewDrop ‘Perfume Bottle’  •  $78 (includes HST)

DewDrop Classic • $58 (includes HST)

DewDrop ‘Daffodils’ • $58 (includes HST)
DewDrop Classic • $58 (includes HST)

DewDrop ‘Perfume Bottle’  •  $78 (includes HST)

OrangePurple 2015 S303
DewDrop Classic • $58 (includes HST)

DewDrop Classic • $58 (includes HST)

Live Naturally • Live Beautifully

Available at the Guelph Farmers’ Market, 7 am – noon.

*All photos on this website, ljturtle.com, are copyrighted to the photographer, Lisa Byers.  For inquiries regarding their use, please email: ljturtlearomatherapy at gmail.com

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