Synthetic Fragrances versus Plant derived Essential Oils

Tip #4 ~ Fragrance versus Essential Oil

Terms such as fragrance, scent, and perfume  are used interchangeably regardless of the synthetic nature of ingredients.   As someone who works with natural, plant-derived ingredients, it also makes it difficult for me to choose appropriate descriptors.

Often people share with me that they have allergies to fragrances or scents.  And I always ask if they have made a difference between synthetic, man-made fragrances and those I work with – derived from nature.

It is something to consider if you feel you have sensitivities to fragrances or scents.   Always read the ingredients label of any  product you buy – even a label that says ‘natural’ is often only in part derived from nature with the majority of ingredients manufactured in a laboratory – for non-therapeutic purposes.  That is, many manufactured ingredients are added to a product as a preservative, emulsifier or fixative.

Preservatives lengthen the shelf-life of a product.

An emulsifier forces water and oil to blend.

A fixative makes a scent last as long as possible.

Keep in mind, that even with essential oils that are derived from nature, too much of nature can still cause a dermal reaction or a headache if you are diffusing say ylang ylang for example.

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