Smelly Dog? I can help…

Smelly Dog Grooming Spray is an alternative to soap suds bathing; it also can be used to freshen up your pet’s bed & sleeping areas.

And your sleeping area – should you share 🙂

Synthetic-fragrance free.
No chemical preservatives or emulsifiers. 

Cleansing ingredients inlcude aloe vera, castor oil & vegetable glycerin.  Blended with 100% pure aromatic essential oils at a safe concentration for your best friends’ sensitive nose. 

Available in two aromatic blends • Woodsy & Floral


$20 … 118 ml  •*•  $34 … 240 ml

Pre-order by emailing ljturtlearomatherapy at
for pick-up at the Guelph Farmers’ Market • Saturdays • 7 am – noon

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