Warnings dōTERRA & Young Living Won’t Tell You by Kayla Fioravanti

Please read Kayla Fioranvanti’s article ‘Warnings dōTERRA & Young Living Won’t Tell You’

It is well written, insightful  article about the safe use of essential oils and what happens when safety protocols are not in place.

If you are someone who uses essential oils on yourself, your family, your pets, your friends, please educate yourself. Read her article.  Read my posts I have made here regarding Safety Precautions and Turtle Tips.   Read a reputable reference guide.  Get certified.

Through my ongoing education in this beautiful field of alternative wellness,  I have developed a deep understanding and respect for both the healing power of essential oils but also their potency.  I know, when essential oils are mis-used, they can indeed harm to the individual but also to my profession as  whole.

Your health is your responsibility.  Educate yourself.


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