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My name is Lisa J. Byers, CAP and I live in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.  I recently passed the qualifying exams with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapy to receive certification as
Certified Aromatologist Professional (CAP).


My goal is to pass on what I have learned about the healing power of essential oils both with my Turtle Original Blends and by helping someone DIY their own custom blends.

Currently, you can find me and my Turtle Original Blends at the Guelph Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, 7 am – noon.

I have opened an online store with Squareup.  Purchases are for local pick-up at the Guelph Farmers’ Market.  With large orders, it is an option to have me deliver or ship you your order. Please contact me for more information.

Mind • Body • Spirit

I came to learn about and use essential oils therapeutically mainly as an alternative to traditional, Western, allopathic medicine.   The use of pharmaceutical interventions has not served my mind, body or spirit well.   I began educating myself regarding the healing intelligence of nature via the use of essential oils topically and through inhalation.  By incorporating the healing power of essential oils into my daily living, I have experienced greater serenity.

Handcrafted Quality • Made in Guelph

Turtle Original Blends involve extensive research & testing accompanied by a dash of creativity and innovation. This means that I spend a lot of time researching and testing products before packaging them for sale.

I consider products made with natural ingredients versus those that are not ~ the difference between using raw natural ingredients that are ‘plant-made’ versus ‘man-made’.

I encourage everyone to take initiative with their state of health and wellness.  This is why I also stock over 45 essential oils on my table – the same ‘raw’ ingredients I use in all my blends. I also carry botanical oils/carrier oils and hydrosols. I have also recently started carrying empty packaging for those wanting to blend DIY (e.g. glass bottles, spritz bottles, inhalers etc. )

Live Naturally ••• Live Beautifully

And for those looking for ready-made, all natural, handcrafted products, I have developed a wide range of products – from skin care to pet care – for mind, body and spirit.   Check out the ‘categories’ section of this blog for the full range of products available.  Of note,  I avoid manufactured/chemical preservatives, scents, fillers and emulsifiers.

Turtle products are: 

  • Packaged by hand in protective & re-usable blue or amber glass bottles; and PET bottles
  • Made in Guelph, Canada
  • Hand-crafted, small batches (ensures quality & freshness)
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Gluten-free
  • Petroleum-free
  • Free of any artificial chemical preservatives
  • Free of any artificial chemical emulsifiers
  • Non-toxic, carcinogen-free, pthalate-free
  • Made using aromatherapeutic-grade essential oils
  • Made using therapeutic-grade botanical oils and hydrosols
  • 100% of the total ingredient content is from natural origins

Guelph is a community that is concerned with the environment. In keeping with this philosophy, I endeavour to keep packaging to a minimum.  I choose bottles that can be re-used at home and ziploc style bags.  I also do the graphic design & printing of the labels and info cards that come with each product.

Our logo and name are inspired by my maternal Ojibwa ancestry.  Turtle is a family name as well as represents the Aboriginal name for North America, – ‘Turtle Island’; the tree represents ‘the tree of life’ as well  as pays tribute to all the natural ingredients that are sourced from our home, earth.  A dear friend, Ana Scerri from Malta, designed the logo.


Pure Ingredients

As a practicing and certified aromatherapist  and someone who sells essential oils on their own but who also specializes in packaging Turtle Original Blends, I am often asked about the quality of the raw ingredients I use.    Ashbury’s in BC provides me with the majority of my raw ingredients.  The exception is when I source Canadian grown & distilled raw ingredients such as the peppermint & Canadian White Pine essential oils; and I use hydrosols distilled from an Ontario distiller.

Ashbury’s Aromatherapy is a division of Colour Energy with over 25 years experience. They are Canadian, family owned and operated.  Their products are pure, therapeutic grade, internationally sourced and holistic, with no chemicals or preservatives and double tested for the highest quality control. Tested and manufactured in the same facilities that produce organics but are not able to afford the expensive certification process so you always get top quality at unbeatable prices.  Turtle Blends are hand-crafted in small batches and made with pure essential oils tested to ensure that they are 100% free of synthetics and additives.

I am not a re-seller or affiliated with any MLM.  I believe my price points reflect this.

My blended products are available to retailers at wholesale prices.  If you are a business in and around Guelph and are interested in having any of my Turtle Original Blends  in your place of business, please email us for wholesale information:

ljturtlearomatherapy at gmail.com

Handcrafted Wellness Products

Enhancing & supporting your well-being with aromatherapeutic blends.

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