Aromatherapy & Health Care Professions

For those working in health care professions and wanting to expand their knowledge base of aromatherapy, read the chapter by Linda L. Halcon,  entitled Aromatherapy (in the edited collection entitled ‘Complimentary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing’ (Ruth Lindquist, Mariah Snyder and Mary Fran Tracy, 2014)).

‘Complimentary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing

Whether you work in the health care field or not, this article provides an overview of aromatherapy, safety guidelines and therapeutic uses.   Very accessible, practical and works within the professional scope of the CFA and NAHA.  Useful information worth having on hand.

‘Complimentary & Alternative Therapies in Nursing’ is available from the Guelph Public Library.

Check out the LJ Turtle Reference page for more reference material.

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